Just who is Debbie?


In summary a person who is passionate about today's media and utilizing it to tell a story--whether it be a good, funny or sad one. 

My strength will always be in writing, and I like to consider myself a story teller before anything else.

It may not be in the the most traditional sense- but none the less- one that speaks through design. 

I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in English yet my focus is now in graphic design.

I've been lucky enough to start this journey as soon as I graduated college where I landed my first job in advertising where I designed print retail ads for major and local clients.

Fast forward a bit where I am now, a multimedia and motion designer.

I started at Univision and learned the ropes of production and design and now I call ABC Disney my new home.

Every day I'm learning from talented artists and motion designers that can only hone where I currently am and I couldn't be more grateful.