about me

In everything I do I try my best to tell a story. I like to consider myself a story-teller before anything else. It may not be in the most traditional sense- but none the less- one that speaks through design. 

I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in English but somehow graphic design has continued to be the focal point.

I've been lucky enough to start this journey as soon as I graduated college when I landed my first job in advertising where I designed print retail ads.

Soon after I found myself learning production and motion media from some of the most creative colleagues at Univision and ABC Disney for a number of years.

Lately, I’ve shifted into learning everything about social media and marketing. It’s been such an exciting journey as things continue to evolve and shift. My latest role is at Insperity, where I am working in elevating our subject matter experts, thought leaders and authorities and bringing their brand to a whole new level.

I hope to continue to learn the human resource industry and bring the message to light that truly, human capital matters.